One Question with Mark Staff Brandl, artist and art historian

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Mark Staff Brandl is an artist and art historian from Chicago, now living in Europe, primarily Switzerland.

Neoteric Art: What about this metaphor interest of yours?:

Mark Staff Brandl: As anyone who has met me knows, I am addicted to art and have been since the age of 11. And I just turned 60. Within that, I am also interested in many fields I find related to art: art history; philosophy, especially of art; archaeology; theory; poetry; sequential art; even physics and more. More…

The WID Project: What Is Drawing? featuring Lauren Levato Coyne

What Is Drawing?

The WIP Project: What Is Painting? has been a rewarding and intriguing experience thus far so to complement and further the overall dialogue we introduce The WID Project: What Is Drawing? The guidelines are the same: We thought it would be interesting to ask artists this simple yet complex question. This query comes with no ground rules—it’s up to each individual artist to find their own approach and direction.

This project will be an ongoing exploration … let’s see where it takes us.

What Is Drawing?
by Lauren Levato Coyne More…

Book Review: Jay DeFeo – Works on Paper by Matthew Ballou

Jay DeFeo – Works on Paper

Kelly’s Cove Press has been crafting publications focused on California artists and writers for the last half decade. In particular, their books on the work of Richard Diebenkorn (one of which was reviewed previously here on Neoteric Art) are a real contribution to the dialogue surrounding that artist. It makes sense that this small press would continue to seek major artists with California connections to present in their pages, if only to help them being lesser known artists, such as Squeak Carnwath, to light. They do good work. More…

Alley Talk by William Dolan

Alley Talk

This is a series of essays that are inspired by and inspire my drawings of Chicago alleys. It is meant to compliment and add context for the work. We are defined by where we are, where we come from or where we want to go (metaphorically and/or physically). I come from the Alleys of Chicago.


On Kawara by David Criner

Oct. 31, 1978

I used to live for the highs more than I do now, and that included when it came to making art. For years I would go to extreme circumstances in order to escape the everyday, to thrust myself toward what I thought of as the sublime. It was during moments of heightened mind that I believed art was at its most inspired, or that one should feel most alive. More…

One Question with Donald Jackson, artist and founder of The Color Wheel Studio

Donald Jackson

Donald Jackson is a contemporary artist living and working in Chicago’s Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood for the past 22 years. First and foremost, though, he is a dad. After noticing the specific artistic and communicative developments of his own young son through exposure to the visual arts, the most natural thing for this dad to do was to open an art studio for children. And, thus, Color Wheel Studio was born. More…