Artist’s Statement by William Dolan

Artist’s Statement

(Name Withheld) is a multi-disciplinary conceptual artist living and working in Manhattan. Her work explores interrelations, interpretations and influences of the concepts of identity, human nature, context, perspective, the role of the image, and the role of the viewer.

An artist’s statement is often times more important than the work. The above statement (name withheld for privacy) seems incomprehensible at first, in a pseudo-intellectual way. It sort of puts the artist on a higher plane, but as I read it over a couple of times, it seems to be just a fancy way of saying “anything goes.” The statement is really just a generic description of making art. I could replace “multi-disciplinary artist” with “painter” (or just leave it since I do graphics as well) and “Manhattan” with “Chicago” and use this statement for myself.

By dressing up a somewhat broad definition of art like this, the artist and her art seem to be more important than it really is. That can be the difference between making an important cultural contribution, or a pile of garbage.