“One Question” with ArtWorldChicago.com


ArtWorldChicago is an online gallery and social network for Chicago artists created by Daniel Blystone.

Neoteric Art: How did ArtWorldChicago.com get started?

Daniel Blystone: I thought with the internet being primarily a visual medium, an online gallery would be an interesting idea to pursue. Several of my personal friends are artists and they inspired me to get started.

The art market has to be one of the most inefficient markets and naturally many artists are looking for more exposure. I saw that the internet could help to address these issues. The low cost of operating, unlimited potential viewers and the content being available 24/7 were among the qualities that got me excited about creating a site geared to promoting art.

I started the site in 2000 and to date there have been well over a million visitors. With the rise of web 2.0 and social networking I have tried to promote the interactive element of the site. Users can now create their own profiles and communicate with each other on and through the site. This is actually what I find most interesting. I see it basically as a niche social network now. The objective is to create a vibrant community of local artists and aficionados as well as to provide free exposure.