WTF — Negativity and the Art World by William Dolan


WTF is a periodic rant about an ill of the art world, one of humankind’s most screwed-up endeavors.

It seems that everywhere I turn the art world is discussed in negative terms.

  • The gallery system is outdated.
  • The art scene in (insert your city here) is too small.
  • Artists don’t follow the proper procedures to obtain representation.
  • Art fairs are too commercial.
  • The art world is vapid.
  • Painting is making a comeback as it’s a safer bet in a weakened economy.
  • Older artists can’t get a break.
  • Younger Artists can’t get a break.
  • There aren’t enough women being shown.
  • There aren’t enough minorities being shown.
  • and so on and so on…

Is there anything good about the current art world?