WTF: Performance (F)art by William Dolan

WTF is a periodic rant about an ill of the art world, one of humankind’s most screwed-up endeavors.

performance piece

I have a problem with performance art* that relies on doing something outrageous in public. This stuff isn’t any different than stupid radio, game show or reality show stunts. High art…it ain’t. No matter how much philosophical, psychological or sociological bullshit you attach to it, this type of art is just garbage. It’s “attention-getting” nonsense…and too bad that the art world actually gives it attention. To all curators and gallerists: there is good work out there so please pass on the “cherries stuffed in the vagina, tampons in the mouth, sucking your toe, trying to talk while having water in your mouth, etc. etc. etc.

* Not all performance art is bad. I’m just discussing the shitty stuff…you know who you are!