Where Do We Get Our Art News? by Norbert Marszalek


There is so much art information available on the internet it can make your head spin. If you “google” an artist’s name current articles, past articles, interviews, videos, images, reviews, etc. may all come up in abundance. And this artist doesn’t even need to be famous. Also, many artists blog, many artists write reviews and many artists are writing more overall. The internet has made it all so easy now. If this stuff is worth a damn is another story but either way it’s all out there and available. And let’s not forget about Facebook.

The monolithic art magazines and/or art critics don’t seem to be that important anymore. Not that they are irrelevant but maybe their once big powerful stick has been shortened quite a bit.

So my question is: Where do we get our art news—nationally and locally? Do some of you still read Art in America or Art Forum? Do you still check out your favorite art critic in a particular newspaper or magazine? Do you frequently check out a fellow peer’s artist blog? What are some of the local art websites that are on your feed?