WTF – Art World vs. DIY World by William Dolan

First Place Ribbon
I think the key difference between the Art World (galleries, museums, etc.) and the DIY-do-it-yourself World (cafés, art-walks, open studios, etc.) is that in the Art World, you have to sell yourself (and your work) to a public that doesn’t really know you and is therefore indifferent or even adverse to you. In the DIY World you are appealing to a public that has already accepted you. Your friends and family (and even strangers that attend these types of shows) already accept you and, therefore, anything you do. Your success in the Art World is a testament to your strength, character and fortitude — a real sign of real achievement. There is no success in the DIY World, because you haven’t achieved anything. You just participate in an activity.

Because you have to achieve, or earn, a presence in the Art World, there is also risk for failure. On the other hand, there is no failure in the DIY World, because there is nothing to achieve. This gives the illusion of success, unless of course your vision of success is a blue ribbon at the neighborhood art-walk exhibit.