WTF – Art Coach (or How Do I Market Myself) by Norbert Marszalek


An Art Coach is not a new profession but there definitely have been a lot more of them creeping up within the last decade. There have also been a lot of books published on the subject of how an artist can correctly market themselves and sell their work. The same tired topics are discussed: how to solicit galleries, the correct way to send a packet to a gallery, how to write an effective artist statement and resumé, etc. etc. etc. There is also a gallery owner in NYC that has a popular blog which discusses the same topics.

Don’t get me wrong. I think a serious artist can learn a few things from using an Art Coach and/or reading some of these books but after awhile it all sounds the same. Everyone has an opinion—right or wrong. Some people suggest doing it this way while others prefer dong it that way. There are no absolutes here.

Use common sense when marketing yourself. Have clear concise objectives and work your way toward fulfilling those objectives. Learn and take where you can—an Art Coach, a book, a blog or a fellow artist. Do what feels right or is comfortable for you.