The Art Gossiper — No. 1


Chicago Fall Gallery Openings – September 10, 2010
On the scene: The best show of the evening was Chuck Walker at Linda Warren Gallery. Walker’s large, mostly figurative, paintings are passionate and poetic—beautiful somber palette. Heather Marshall who shared the bill with Walker is also worth viewing…”meticulous small-scale works that transform ordinary, every day images into extraordinary and alluring, jewel-like works of art”. Linda Warren Gallery has a great vibe goin’! Another great show is Justin Henry Miller at Zg Gallery. Miller’s work is inventive, fun, hip, clever, meticulously executed…should we go on? Just see it! Strong photography by David Burdeny at David Weinberg Gallery—too bad the gallery is closing soon…Weinberg has had some great shows the past few years. Provocative sculpture by Jose Cobo at Maya Polsky Gallery. Rebecca Kinkead at Judy Saslow Gallery isn’t bad. Kehinde Wiley at Rhona Hoffman Gallery is always a treat. Megan Greene and Carolyn Ottmers at Carrie Secrist Gallery is worth a look. Same old, same old with Susanne Doremus at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery and Mindy Weisel at Jean Albano Gallery. Mario Trejo – “accumulations of thousands of quickly drawn idiosyncratic marks” at Roy Boyd is nothing new. Gallery KH would be better served in a shopping mall and WTF is going on with Caleb Weintraub at Peter Miller Gallery? And one other note: Can the galleries stay open until 9 or 10 on opening nights especially on this particular night!!! Come on!!!

Spotted: Kathryn Born (in groovy white go-go boots) and her crew on the streets of River North; Regin Igloria at Zg Gallery; Joanne Aono, Kate Ewell Lewis and Neha Vedpathak at Roy Boyd Gallery; William Conger on the street in River North; Eric Mecum on his bike on his way to some West Loop galleries; Wesley Kimler on his way to Zolla/Lieberman Gallery; Jason Lahr and his “group” walking through the West Loop; Christine Perri and Jayson Lawfer also on the streets in the West Loop; and a whole bunch of people at Linda Warren Gallery: Judith Mullen, Dan Ramirez, Craig Anderson, Bruce Thorn, Robert Smeltzer, Darrell Roberts, Carla Winterbottom, and Jason Peot. Judith Geichmam and Phyllis Bramson were seen dining at Wishbone in the West Loop.