“One Question” with Jayson Lawfer


Jayson Lawfer has created successful national and international exhibitions (both curated and juried). His exhibition space in Missoula, Montana USA (2002-2006) focused on ceramics but it was not limited to clay alone. The gallery also hosted work by such notable artists as Agnes Martin, Richard Tuttle, Claes Oldenberg, Richard Serra and others. After his departure from Missoula, he has spent the past three years living between Europe and America. From 2006-2007, he spent several months in Chicago working for Lillstreet Art Center as their Guest Curator. In 2008, Jayson launched The Nevica Project. His career has allowed him to work with many notable artists, galleries, and art collectors in their search for art to build their collections of desirable art and to purchase artwork for investment purposes.

Neoteric Art: What is the Nevica Project all about?

Jayson Lawfer: The Nevica Project (www.theNEVICAproject.com) is an online gallery and art consulting business featuring fine art by such notable artists as Rudy Autio, Kathy Butterly, Tara Donovan, Sol LeWitt, Sally Mann, Ken Price, Richard Serra, Akio Takamori, Peter Voulkos, and others. It was launched in 2008, as a way to broadcast available artwork to a worldwide audience. Our mission is to develop a unique relationship between highly skilled artists, an online gallery, and collectible artwork.

From its inception, we wanted to create a way to showcase contemporary artwork by artists that have reached major success, as well, as some of the new and talented emerging artists. Through our experience buying and selling works, we felt confident that we could eliminate the actual gallery space and focus more on finding available art that our clients might be interested in.

Once unique resalable artwork is located, contracted or made by the artists we represent, we then host the work directly on our website for sale. The clients have the ease of sitting comfortably at their home computer and browsing our selection. As one can see immediately on the website’s gallery page, we feature a confident selection of artwork in all mediums- paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, etc. We work with artists, collectors, and other galleries to find rare art. They consign the available work to us and we then find a buyer.

Even though The Nevica Project relies heavily on its online presence, it hasn’t forgot the importance of the physical space of a gallery. The business will travel and set up site- specific exhibitions in conjunction with major art events. The theory behind this is to rent a gallery space for a few days and host an exhibition related to the major art conference that is in that particular city. Instead of having a permanent gallery space open 7 days a week 365 days a year, we open a gallery for 3 or 4 days specifically featuring artwork that the collectors have traveled to that city to see. So instead of having a few people come to the gallery each day, we target to the thousands of patrons that have come to that city with art as their number one interest.

Art sales is a major focus with The Nevica Project but we also provide full art consulting services. It is our theory that if you can educate the public about contemporary fine art, then you can build a successful art business within that same population. Some of the consulting services we provide are:
• Obtaining art for both corporate and private collectors
• Appraising artwork and providing full resale services
• Working with organizations to further develop their art programs
• Creating specialized templates to develop a presence in the art market
• Materializing art events such as fundraisers juried and curated exhibitions, auctions, etc.
• Providing informative lectures and workshops to schools and colleges.
• Working directly with individual artists on career strategies and professional practices.