The Art Gossiper — No. 2


Chicago Openings – October 29, 2010
On the scene: Roland Kulla’s work is always strong and solid and his current show at ZIA Gallery does not disappoint. Bridges have been a longtime subject matter for Kulla and his canvases definitely represent their grand scale and majestic structure. William Conger at Roy Boyd Gallery is known for his lyrically charged large scale oil paintings but this time around his show is all about small scale gouaches and they are just as impressive. Martin Mull’s paintings at Carl Hammer Gallery contain a comforting 1950s suburban feel juxtaposed with overt violence—a must see. And if you are into contemporary Pop see Zach Taylor and Aaron Williams at Linda Warren Gallery.

Spotted: Jason Lawfer, Joanne Aono, Karen Appleton and Neha Vedpathak at Roy Boyd. Paul LaMantia, Eric Mecum and Stefano Cossu at the always interesting Linda Warren Gallery.

Leo Segedin Lecture at NEIU – November 4, 2010
Leo Segedin gave a very interesting lecture at NEIU asking the question: Am I a painter that teaches or a teacher that paints? It’s a question that most artists ponder given the fact that a huge number of them have “day jobs”.

Chicago Openings – November 5, 2010
On the scene: Richard Notkin and David Lozano at Zolla/Lieberman…dated war stuff and pretty “above the couch” abstracts. Bill Frederick’s realistic black and white ink paintings at Zg Gallery are an interesting mix of desolation and isolation. Cristina Cordova at Ann Nathan Gallery is worth a view…wood sculpture and reliefs. Joseph Hronek’s hyper-realism work at Dan Addington Gallery is as strong as ever. Louise LeBourgeois at Packer Schopf Gallery is serene and haunting.

Spotted: Phyllis Bramson at Zolla/Leiberman, Dawoud Bey at Catherine Edelman Gallery, the kilt guy for Chicago Art Magazine at Packer Schopf Gallery and a whole bunch of people wearing crazy, trendy, artsy eye glasses.