The Art Gossiper — No. 3


Chicago Openings – March 4, 2011
On the scene: It was a cold rainy evening and River North was practically a ghost town but there were a few goods things going on. Carolyn Cole’s dense surfaced abstractions at Gallery KH are worth a view. Andrew Bae Gallery is showing Park Kwang Jean. Her abstractions are serene and majestic. There was a lot of activity going on at Jennifer Norback Fine Art and the show “Art from Romania”.

It may have been a ghost town elsewhere but that was not the case in the Fulton Market area. Linda Warren Gallery was hoppin’. Loretta Bourque’s figurative work have a smooth graphic feel to them and Rob Bondgren’s mixed media pieces are richly textured narratives.

Spotted: Doug Frohman, Tim Vermeulen, Matt Woodward, Dave Loew, the kilt guy from Chicago Art Magazine, Chris Cosnowski, and Duncan Robert Anderson all at Linda Warren Gallery.

Note to some of the galleries: It would make sense to have your websites updated to feature the current show on your home page…just a thought.