Interview with Michael Cutlip

Neoteric Art: Give us some history on yourself.

Michael Cutlip: I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area, where I am still living today. I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to the arts. I didn’t discover paint until my mid 20’s. I was attending University as a business major. I was only a semester away from graduation and took a drawing 1 class to fulfill a general ed requirement. I ended up changing my major to fine art, took another 3 years of college, and the rest is history.

NA: Discuss your work/thought process when starting a new piece.

MC: I just start laying down paint and let the work go the path it wants. I very rarely have a plan. Plans never work out for me.

NA: Do all your paintings have a central theme…are connected, or should they be viewed as individual works?

MC: Well, I suppose that the central theme of all the work is me, since I painted them all. But, yes, they are all individual creations. Each piece speaks something different to me.

NA: You live and work in Berkeley, California. Discuss the West coast art scene.

MC: To be honest. I tend to just work in my own little bubble. I don’t pay much attention to the art scene around me, other than what my wife and friends are doing…

NA: Who have been some of your artistic influences?

MC: Kids, street artists, just the world around me….I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what “real” artists are doing.

NA: Regarding your art career, what are some of your long term goals?

MC: Just to keep painting with enthusiasm and hopefully to continue inspiring others.