“One Question” with Laura Cartwright, owner of Revolving Collections Gallery

Laura Cartwright is a Chicago raised artist who refined her skills with a degree in fine arts from Columbia College in Chicago’s south loop neighborhood. Upon graduating, Laura spent several years doing custom work in and around the Chicago area for both corporate and private clients. In late 2009 Laura was contracted to lead a design team tasked with creating a customized art program for the newly developed P.H. Towers by Westgate in Las Vegas. The concept the team came up with was the Towers Gallery, now on display in the lobby of the P.H. Towers by Westgate. Conceived as a customized gallery living within the lobby, Laura’s vision is to update the gallery periodically in order to keep the space fresh and interesting as time passes.

Coming out of the experience in Las Vegas Laura teamed up with her business partner, Brian Cuttica, to form Revolving Collections Gallery. The vision was to improve on the concept conceived in Las Vegas by expanding our services so that any business looking to enhance their space with a tailored art program could do so in a cost effective way. We continue to offer these great services today. Our simple process ensures a positive experience that result in an art program reflecting your culture, message, and identity.

Neoteric Art: What inspired you to start Revolving Collections Gallery?

Laura Cartwright: There really are three reasons why we started RCG. One, I was inspired to start Revolving Collections Gallery to help support all the wonderful local talent that wasn’t getting shown and noticed. Secondly, at RCG we wanted to be able to bring amazing art to the public for sale. We felt that there is a large population of people that love art and love to buy art but don’t frequent galleries for what ever the reason and don’t know where to buy it. So, we felt that we would be the middle man pairing the public and artists. Lastly, I was inspired to start RCG to be able to provide fantastic art for our clients, the people who display the work. A way for anyone and everyone to be exposed to great art at an affordable price and not have to settle for the framed poster.