“One Question” with Brad Carter, Director of Autumn Space

Founded in 2010, Autumn Space is a non-profit art space serving emerging artists in Chicago.

Neoteric Art: What is Autumn Space all about?

Brad Carter: Autumn Space is all about giving the Church in Chicago the opportunity to serve the city’s artist community. In turn, the gallery has become a unique resource to the Church and others because the community gets to engage with the best emerging artists in Chicago.

Holy Trinity Church of Chicago, which I attend, approached us with the idea of starting a church-backed art gallery. The church pays the rent and provides a donor-base to support the expenses of putting on high-caliber exhibitions. My partner, Seth, and I get the privilege of choosing young artists that we believe are moving the art conversation forward, curating, and promoting exhibitions that represent their visions, with no strings attached.

Our 2011 fall lineup of exhibitions, I think, clearly represents our curatorial tastes. Featuring the work of artists Brian Hubble, Matt Taber, Tim Graham, Diego Leclery, and Tony Lewis, the art we show is often cerebral with a concerned eye on art-historical context.

At times in history the church has been one of the largest patrons of art. The partnership makes sense because both parties address remarkably similar questions and interests. Autumn Space is part of this continuing relationship.