Reading Roundup by William Dolan


There are a few art sites on my regular reading list. The following is a list of those that I visit most often (besides NeotericArt).

Mark Kostabi’s column on Art net.
Though, he hasn’t added anything here since 2005, he gives a lot of advice and insight into the art world.

The Mark Kostabi show
OK, I risk being perceived as a Mark Kostabi fanboy, but this is entertaining.

The Kalm Report
OK, I don’t read this, but James Kalm covers the New York art scene like no one else. Watching his reports is almost like being there.

James Kalm Rough Cuts
Like the above, but shorter and not as polished.

No. 9 An Artist’s Journey
Tony Fitzpatrick’s writing sometimes outshines his artwork.

Edward_ Winkleman
Interesting insight into the art world by an Art Dealer

Joanne Mattera Art Blog
…especially the Marketing Mondays posts

Of course, I like to keep up with what my colleagues, friends, etc. are doing.

Art Letter
Paul Klein’s boosterism of Chicago art and artists is inspiring.

There are others that I visit on a less-regular basis for various reasons and the list fluctuates throughout the year, but this is the core of the online art world that I am perusing at the moment.

What are your favorites?