Alley Studies II


Chicago is famous for its large geometric grid of streets. These streets are the framework for which the city’s rich and diverse population has built its neighborhoods. However, there is another network of roadways that is almost as large and almost as interesting as its streets. A secondary lattice of alleys, overlayed and offset from the streets is where the burg takes care of its dirty business. It’s a place where garbage is collected, parking is accessed and power is delivered. It’s also a place where many acts that aren’t meant for public view are carried out.

As part of its mission to introduce new art, this winter Neoteric Art will publish a book of studies by William Dolan that explore Chicago’s rich and diverse collection of alleyways. Here, we present the second three.

Alley Study 4

Alley Study 4 | digital markers | 18½"x14½"

Alley Study 5 Near the President's House

Alley Study 5 Near the President's House | digital marker | 18½"x14½"

Alley Study 6

Alley Study 6 | digital marker | 10½"x7"