Press Release: “Alley Studies — A Trip Through Chicago’s OTHER Street Grid”

Alley Study 4

Alley Study 4 | digital markers | 18.5″x14.5″

Chicago, IL — Neoteric Art is pleased to announce the release of its second publication, “Alley Studies: A Trip Through Chicago’s Other Street Grid,” a collection of drawings by William Dolan. Created between the summer of 2011 and spring of 2012, the work explores Chicago’s unique network of Alleys.

Chicago is famous for its large grid of streets. It’s a sort of framework on which the city is built. Based on the United States Public Land Survey, there are eight blocks to a mile with a major thoroughfare every four. These blocks are either laid out in full (long blocks) or halved (short blocks).

However, there is another network of roadways that is almost as large and somewhat more interesting. A secondary lattice of alleys, offset from the streets is where the burg takes care of its dirty business. It’s a place where garbage is collected, parking is accessed and power is delivered. It is also a place where many acts that aren’t meant for public view are carried out.

With digital markers, Dolan explores the personalities of these urban paths at night through 15 full-size drawings and 5 smaller sketches (including the cover). Devoid of pedestrians, there is a sense of serenity and intimate contact with city that only a trip down the alley at night can bring.

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William Dolan is an artist and painter living and working in Chicago. For more information, please visit

Alley Study 15 with Water Tower

Alley Study 15 with Water Tower | digital markers | 10½”x7″

Alley Study 18 with Beach

Alley Study 18 with Beach | digital markers | 10½”x7″