WTF — The Top 50 Artists in Chicago by William Dolan

Number One

New City has published their list of top 50 artists in Chicago. I haven’t read it yet, but as with lists of this type, I’ll probably agree with some of them, disagree with others and feel there are omissions. Rather than argue in the comment section over there, I’ll just post my own list here:

Number one…aw, who cares? These types of lists are pointless unless they are somehow quantifiable. In this case by votes, sales, number of works produced…whatever. Otherwise, they are just the author’s favorites. I don’t even carry around lists of favorites such as food, song or color. Well I guess I do have a favorite color — blue. However, I sometimes prefer purple so even that doesn’t mean anything.

Oh what the hell. I’ll go read theirs. I’m dying to know!