“One Question” with Paul Dorrell, author of “Living the Artist’s Life”


Paul Dorrell founded Leopold Gallery in 1991. His clients include Warner Brothers, the Kansas City Chiefs, H&R Block, the Kauffman Foundation, and thousands of private collectors. Reared in Kansas City and educated at the University of Kansas, he has spent years roaming America by motorcycle. Paul has lived in Alaska, Los Angeles, New York, and Italy, but makes his home in Kansas City. He has written for numerous art magazines, and spoken at venues such as the Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Students League of New York. He is also dedicated to mentoring teenage artists from urban areas, and helping them get into college.

Neoteric Art: What inspired you to write “Living the Artist’s Life”?

Paul Dorrell: When I first drafted Living the Artist’s Life in 2004, I did so because there were so few books on the market that provided artists with informed, step-by-step guidance on how to structure an art career. Further, universities at that time were doing a poor job of teaching this subject, partly because so few books were available, but also because professors for the most part simply do not run galleries.

Thus I wrote the book to fill what I saw as an enormous void in the art world. I mean there are scores of books on how to successfully open a medical practice or small business. I felt there needed to be something similar for artists. Now being the kind of writer I am—candid, passionate, yet practical—I filled the book with amusing or disturbing anecdotes because I think that’s an easier way for readers grasp material of this nature. Also it’s more fun to write that way.

Then in 2012 I realized the book needed revising and updating, since so many things had changed technologically over the years, as had my gallery’s story. So I updated and expanded the book, covering a host of new subjects, expanding on others, and giving it a new design. That is the current book. It can be found through any bookstore or Amazon.

Info is at www.livingtheartistslife.com