Wanting More: Fountain Art Fair by Norbert Marszalek


Fountain Art Fair took place this past weekend for the first time in Chicago’s South Side. It was housed in the Mana Contemporary building. There was a strong group of exhibitors though not large in number—under twenty. It felt a little empty but gave me the opportunity to spend more time with each exhibitor.

Some of the standouts were: Converge Gallery featuring Chad Andrews, Johalla Projects featuring Chad Kouri, Frozen Charlotte Press featuring Zach Mory, Packer Schopf Gallery featuring Lauren Levato, and artist Pamela Staker. Also, Anni Holm was walking around “getting her name out”.

I was happy Chicago was hosting an alternative art fair the weekend of Expo especially since Midway Fair which had been building momentum the last three years is no where to be found.

I would like to see Fountain Art Fair back here next year under one condition: more exhibitors.