Press Release – Sustainable Vows: Interactive Art, Sustainability & Urban Farming Fest At Chicago’s Most Centrally Located Urban Farm


Art Depth Partners with City Farm to host Sustainable Vows
Sustainable Vows (Art, Sustainability & Urban Farming Fest)
City Farm located at 1204 North Clybourn, Chicago
Saturday, August 2, 2014
Suggested Donation: $10 | No-charge for Art Depth Members

Chicago, IL — Art Depth brings the issue of sustainability and urban farming center stage at one of Chicago’s largest, most centrally located urban farms – City Farm (located at Division and Clybourn) on August 2nd, 2014. All are invited to this all-ages event to experience the calming effects of farming with Chicago’s skyline as the backdrop, to learn about the importance of sustainability and to create art. Sustainable Vows will feature interactive art-making, fresh food workshops, multiple craft tables, sustainable businesses, projects & practices, live music, featured artists creating on-site, farm tours, fair-trade shopping, a grounded Capoeira performance with all-ages percussive and capoeira workshop by Quilombo Cultural Center, living installation with a model in upcycled innertube couture by Brigid Ko, contemporary moss signage by renowned Chicago-based artist Yva Neal, a special note by City Farm’s founder, Ken Dunn, and much more. This is one summer fest – lasting a mere five hours and packed with activities – for those interested in art, sustainability, urban and alternative farming.

“It will be a multi-sensory experience where guests will be encouraged to make their own sustainable vows for our city and our planet” says Art Depth’s Executive Director Cheryl Postrozny, “as well as to connect with like-minded folks and create art.” Now in its 5th year, Art Depth events historically have brought together not only the Featured Artists but also some of the most respected local and international artists Avant-garde and evolutionary from start to finish, any artists who chose to create at this event will have an opportunity to submit work for a city-wide exhibit in the month of October.

The Resource Center and City Farm’s groundbreaking projects include transforming vacant city property into sustainable farmland. “This effects us all, no matter where we live” Postrozny says, “and Ken Dunn’s organization is one of many that is doing its part to connect the city’s north and south sides and anywhere in between – thereby helping to complete the food cycle. This event is everyone’s chance to get involved – even if it means just stepping inside a farm amid our city.”

Featured Artists:
Jyl Bonaguro
Alan Bovinett
Lauren Feece
Keith Gerling
Brigid Ko
Liana Li
Yva Neal
Angelica Robles
Robert Stevenson

Live Musical Performances:
Bowl of Dust & Co
Anna Soltys and the Familiar
Pastel Fractal
River Valley Rangers

Blick Art Materials (Lincoln Park)
Buena Vegan Social Club
Casa Couture
Chicago Costume
City Farm
Greenheart Shop
Modern Fabrics
Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing
Spark Your Art (with Ellen Gradman)
The Resource Center
Quilumbo Cultural Center | International Capoeira Angola Foundation Chicago

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About Art Depth
Art Depth was founded in 2010 and produces experiential art and marketing events as well as organizing themed based projects and fundraising initiatives. Promoting individual artists, organizations and select businesses as well as serving to increase awareness about current pressing issues and varying topics is what Art Depth achieves through its specialty event production philosophy. Each experience is one-of-a-kind, but all projects, events and exhibitions share the ultimate goal of inspiration, connection and creation among guests while at the same time being interactive and evolutionary from start to finish. Creating larger opportunities through the connection of innovators and creators is one of the byproducts of Art Depth. For more information visit

About City Farm
City Farm transforms vacant city land into fertile, productive farmland, integrating education, land reuse, local investment, jobs, community beautification and healthier eating. With the Resource Center as its founder and initiatives such as the Square Mile of Sustainability, Creative ReUse and recycling and compost programs, this organization is making a difference in Chicagoland by completing the food cycle and renewing the spirit. For more information visit

Top: moss art by Yva Neal, one of the featured artists