The What is Painting? Project: Featuring Joseph Noderer

What is Painting? Norbert Marszalek

I thought it would be intriguing to ask painters this simple yet complex question. This query comes with no ground rules—it’s up to each individual artist to find their own approach and direction.

This project will be an ongoing exploration … let’s see where it takes us.

What is Painting?
Featuring Joseph Noderer

Most often painting is a way for me to hold on to and explore my surroundings, and to visually expand upon what is impressed upon me by those surroundings. I think of it as a way to create a new, condensed thing out of the multitude of sounds, temperatures, time periods and locations that affect my outlook. My solo paintings mostly begin as little slices of the world that are around me. But when I really get to work in the studio, the paintings start to dictate their own direction. I try to be open to that while holding on to what I set out to paint in the first place. In this way I see my paintings as portraits: images of the character of a place rather than just an “accurate” recording of a place.

As an approach, that’s what painting is to me. Now, what painting means to me, why I love to paint and believe in painting … it’s a way for me to be here … always looking, listening, smelling, feeling … asking myself, can I get all of that as well as myself into a painting? It’s a way to keep those impressions and fall into them whenever I want to … like getting lost in a photo album or a banjo tune. It’s a way to keep wonder in my life. And finally, it’s a way to share … to communicate all of these things with anyone who wants to look.

Light SoundJoseph Noderer, Light Sound, oil on panel, 36″ x 38″, 2014

Joseph Noderer was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1978. He received his BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2001 and his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. Since then he has been showing his paintings around the country, with frequent solo shows at Linda Warren Projects in Chicago. His work is included in various collections and publications, including the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, Kansas and New American Paintings #96, respectively. After living in Chicago and then Austin, Texas for a number of years, he has moved back to Western Pennsylvania in order to paint the subjects that he seems irresistibly drawn to.

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