One Question with Richard T Scott, contributing author of “The Nerdrum School: The Master and his Students”

THe Nurdrum School: The Master and His Students

Living in Connecticut and working between New York and Paris, Richard T Scott is known for his post-contemporary figurative paintings and his writing on aesthetic theory. His work has exhibited at Le Grand Palais in Paris, Palazzo Cini in Venice, the Museum of New Art in Detroit, and is part of collections worldwide such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Sicily, former British Arts Minister Alan Howarth of Newport, Prince Morad El Hattab, and Robert C. Kennedy PhD. Richard’s work has been auctioned at Sotheby’s and Phillips de Pury & Company. Richard designs coins and medals for the United States Mint under the Artistic Infusion Program.

Neoteric Art: You were the studio assistant for Odd Nerdrum from 2009-2010 and a contributing author to the recently published book, The Nerdrum School: The Master and his Students. What was the most inspiring aspect of being part of Nerdrum’s “world”?

Richard T Scott: Nerdrum showed me that it was possible to escape time. Firstly, our work is a means by which a part of ourselves continues to beyond our death. Through this, we are connected with the soul of every artist in history… just as light does, we can reach through the permeable film of oil and connect with Rembrandt. But more importantly, Nerdrum showed me that it’s possible to escape time within our lives, to live our lives in a certain timelessness… and that when we do this our work becomes more profound, more universal, as does our life. This epiphany revealed to me that we can create art in the way we live our lives, and not merely with our materials. It is a Buddhist alchemy, the life of the artist, and regardless of fortune or critical acclaim, this is reason enough to create, for it is fulfilling in itself.

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