Expo Chicago: Déjà vu

Expo Chicago

I ended last years review with: “I am definitely looking forward to next year’s fair. Let’s hope Expo brings the same plus more!”

Well, once again, Expo Chicago brought the same but was missing the “more.” Don’t get me wrong, Expo put on a professional show but after 3 years of basically the same look and feel I am asking myself if that’s enough. Sure it was enjoyable seeing the old standards like Richard Diebenkorn, David Park, Joan Brown, Nathan Olivera, Alfred Leslie and some interesting new work including Chantal Joffe. But we’ve seen this stuff before. There were no surprises. So is this a bad thing? … I don’t know?

It would have been refreshing to see some work or one of the panel discussions really push the limits. Then again, Expo isn’t about that. I should mention that the most interesting piece, just like last year, was a painting by Wesley Kimler (pictured).

Wesley Kimler

Maybe the answer is a couple of alternative art fairs running concurrently with Expo. We were missing that this year unlike last year when Fountain Art Fair nicley complemented Expo.

I’m just feeling a little wishy-washy about the whole thing. Let’s hope that Expo Chicago has something up their sleeves for next year.