One Question with Ricardo Manuel Díaz, artist

Ricardo Manuel Díaz

Ricardo Manuel Díaz lives and works in Chicago. He has had solo exhibitions at Hyndman Gallery, Michigan City, IN; Anita S. Wooten Gallery, Orlando; and The Hurn Museum, Savannah, GA. He was also featured in group exhibitions at the Rockford Art Museum, IL; Fine Arts Cove, Florence, Italy; Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago; and New American Paintings at The Elmhurst Art Museum, among others. Díaz received a B.Arch. from The University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Architecture and Art in 1983, and studied in Versailles, France.

Neoteric Art: What inspired your new book, Oiling The Rusted Hinge?

Ricardo Manuel Díaz: A man sits in a chair day after day while he hears a hinge squeak when a door is opened and closed. Rather than making the decision to get up from his chair and simply place a few drops of oil on the hinge and thus remedying the situation, he allows the sound to persist. Why act, as opposed to not act, or vice versa? The process of making art is an attempt at a response to the everyday dilemma of being human, an attempt at oiling your own existential hinge. But it is more than that; it also deals with periodically undoing yourself.  Form is given to encounters with truth and the struggles to understand existence through the process of making. The book contains elements from the seen counters as byproducts of doing and undoing oneself. Everyday is a beginning.  The book brings to light meditations and poetic observations as part of this process. In the end, it was not inspiration that led me to produce this book but rather the quotidian encounter with life as an artist and human being.

This publication compiles a selection from approximately twenty-seven years of notations from sketchbooks, legal pads, envelopes, napkins, and numerous other items that have remained immobile long enough for me to scribble something on them.  I have used this form of communication to enrich my life and work by using another process, another medium. All leading to the basic question: why?

I offer few answers to this question, but perhaps some paths. As such the book is simply a mindful and poetic account of a journey through life; hopefully well lived up to this point, not yet completed.


Oiling The Rusted Hinge
softcover, 110 pages, 10 x 8 inches
ISBN: 978 – 0 – 9885734 – 3 – 7
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