The What is Drawing? Project: Featuring Joanne Aono

What is Drawing?

To complement The What is Painting? Project and further the overall dialogue Neoteric Art introduces The What Is Drawing? Project. The guidelines are the same: I thought it would be intriguing to ask artists this simple yet complex question. This query comes with no ground rules—it’s up to each individual artist to find their own approach and direction.

This project will be an ongoing exploration … let’s see where it takes us.

What Is Drawing?
Featuring Joanne Aono

Thoughts, feelings, ideas, and visions, mixed up inside the head, soul, and heart. Pushed to the consciousness to be pondered, observed, anguished, and argued. Those that survive permeate to the mind and emotions, to be transferred through the muscles and joints, moving the body to maneuver the arm, the hand, fingering the implement. Marks made through direct contact as the graphite skips across the clay surface, the chalk crumbles on the grain of the paper, the pen skids over the smooth gesso ground, the oil stick adheres to the linen canvas; or through movement across terrain, pixels on the screen, threads stretched into lines. The dance continues with the eyes relaying to the brain and heart while the body and hands respond. Interplay with stroke, color, tone, weight, space, relations, and the excitement and trauma of the unexpected. A series of stops, starts, bursts of energy, a pause, and then back, continuing until resolution.

Drawing is an Experience
Emotion and grace in Rembrandt van Rijn’s shadow and light.
Awestruck, curious, and lost inside Vija Celmins’ tightly rendered, laborious, graphite and charcoal waterscapes, night skies, and spider webs.
Surprise and comfort in Andy Goldsworthy’s nature-based pathways.
Michelle Stuart’s organic, soil, graphite, and process based surfaces.
Takesada Matsutani’s sensuous graphite mix of labor and chance.
Calm and meditation with Agnes Martin’s quiet, controlled, repetition of subdued grids and lines.
Jim Dine’s active, intense, yet sensitive line work.
Fantasy and dream in Lee Bontecou’s other worldly graphite, soot, and charcoal luminescent creatures and spaces.
Honesty of Bill Traylor’s raw, colorful, graphic narratives.
Contemplation witnessing Wolfgang Laib’s minimal thoughtful forms.

Joanne Aono

Joanne Aono, Aono (Green Fields) – East/West, Colored pencil and graphite on panel,
36 x 49 inch diptych, 2014

Joanne Aono’s recent drawings and paintings examine identity, assimilation, and universal dualities emanating from her experiences as an identical twin. Research and writing provide a literal foundation of obscured text for her quiet, layered imagery.

Her solo and two person exhibitions include Images Gallery, Lee Dulgar, South Shore Arts, Eyeporium, and Firecat Projects (2016); as well as group shows at the Illinois State Museums, Rockford Art Museum, Art Chicago International, and the Evanston, Riverside, and Beverly Art Centers. She has received City of Chicago Arts grants, a fellowship residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and a BFA in drawing. Joanne Aono’s art has been reviewed in publications such as Hyperallergic, ArtLetter, Northwest Indiana Times, and the Huffington Post. She maintains studios in Chicago and on a farm in North Central Illinois. In addition, she runs the alternative art project, Cultivator – Chicago art exhibitions & farm art projects.

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