One Question with Brainard Carey, author of “The Art World Demystified”

The Art World Demystified book cover

Brainard Carey and his wife Delia Bajo co-founded Praxis, a collaborative that was invited to be part of the Whitney Biennial in 2002 and was given a solo show there in 2007. He has also shown at other venues around the world. Carey also runs a mentoring/educational business that helps artists write grants, exhibit, and advance their careers. He is the author of several books, including Making It in the Art World and New Markets for Artists, and his new book, The Art World Demystified, all published by Allworth Press. He splits his time between New York City and a studio in New Haven, Connecticut, where he has a radio show on Yale radio called The Lives of the Artists.

Neoteric Art: What was the inspiration behind your new book, The Art World Demystified?

Brainard Carey: I was inspired to write this book after interviewing hundreds of curators and artists on my Yale University radio program, The Lives of the Artists. The book is about the art world and the strategies artists use to accomplish their goals. It’s my third book, and best I think, with case histories as well as interviews with John Currin, Arthur Danto, Betty Cuningham, Laura Hoptman, Vicki DaSilva, Sue Stoffel, Todd Levin, Robert Storr, Michelle Grabner, and others.

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