The Art Gossiper — No. 8


Chicago Openings – River North – September 9, 2016
On the scene: It was a warm but overcast—later turning clear—beautiful evening. Not too many people on the streets of River North but there was a festive energy in the air. One melancholy note was spotting all the empty storefronts where galleries used to exist. Addington Gallery had some competent work with Susan Kraut’s In Rooms interior paintings. It was enjoyable seeing Selections From the Steve and Karen Berkowitz Collection at Carl Hammer Gallery. Another strong show at Catherine Edelman Gallery with Clarissa Bonet: City Space + Stray Light. Two different artists at Zolla/Lieberman: strong collages from Buzz Spector and John Currin’s paintings, oh wait, that’s Jamie Adams. Sad that Printworks Gallery is closing in November but their current show is a yawn. Same old stuff at Jean Albano Gallery and Ann Nathan Gallery except for Art Shay—we love Art Shay. And again at Ann Nathan, what’s with the bowl of Cheetos? Great show at Zg Gallery with Benjamin Cook’s colorful and quizzical pieces. Best show of the night was in Fulton Market at Linda Warren Projects with Michiko Itatani paintings, Starry Night Encounter. Go see it!

Spotted: Doug McGoldrick and Dawoud Bey at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Hugh Spector and Dan Ramirez at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Tim Lowly at Addington Gallery, Josh Garber said hello at Zg Gallery, Paul LaMantia on the street, Victoria Fuller and Sergio Gomez at Linda Warren Projects.

Ended the evening noshing at the Little Goat Diner. Found out they use lard in some of their items. Yikes!