One Question with Dave Roth, Founder and Editor of Esthetic Lens Magazine

Esthetic Lens

Neoteric Art: What is Esthetic Lens?

Dave Roth: As much as I love art, I’ve never felt comfortable engaging in serious art criticism conversations. To me it’s much more interesting to make art, and appreciate the work of others.

As a kid I loved to draw and work with clay, but equally as enjoyable was watching my friends draw. Something about bearing witness to the moment of creation turned me on.

Esthetic Lens is about two things: providing space for people who deserve a larger audience, and making art, in all its forms, more accessible.

We’ve got 4 types of content: image gallery with prose, 5 Questions (everyone gets the same 5), long form interviews, and long form criticism.

I try to post one feature a day, Monday through Friday. Sometimes I’ll throw two posts up at a time.

We’re always looking for more contributors, so send us a note:

Esthetic Lens is devoted to highlighting creative excellence, and generally interesting stuff.


Dave Roth received his BFA in Sculpture and Ad Design from Wayne State University in Detroit a long time ago. He lives in Chicago where he works as a User Experiment Architect.

When he’s not tending to Esthetic Lens he’s trying to find time for friends, photography, sculpture, and guitar.

He loves dogs, bourbon, and, mostly his son.