Renewal: The New Art Examiner is a collection of writing from Derek Guthrie and Diane Thodos which was published on Neoteric Art between 2011 and 2012.

Excerpt from the book:
America is not very interested in intellectuals unless you can hire them. In others words there’s always the money factor. The issue is no longer how a work of art, for the sake of discussion, got into the Modern wing of the Art Institute that has just been opened. We all know the history of that particular artist – what we’ve been told. But we do not know about the tax write-offs, we do not know about the investment, we do not know about the reality of the manipulation [of art] for financial reasons…. artists are cannon fodder or derivatives. They have no identity. Either you are a superstar, or a semi-superstar, but that means investment in you, and the question is how the investment works. ~ Derek Guthrie


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Nine Texts

Nine Texts

By Matthew Ballou

NINE TEXTS collects the writings Matthew Ballou crafted for Neoteric Art as a contributing essayist between 2009 and 2011.

Touching on a wide variety of topics, from the work of Richard Diebenkorn and Andrew Wyeth to the challenging questions surrounding intuition and analysis, Ballou’s writings are centered in his own practice as an artist and educator.

Highlights from this collection include “Subjectivity and Robert Henri,” “Art and Submission,” and “Teaching Close Encounters.”


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